Try Our Improved Design Tool


At, we are always striving to make improvements. Recently, we started rolling out a new design tool.

It uses HTML5 technology, which means you no longer need to have Adobe Flash installed. Also, you can now create designs on iPads, Andriod Tablets and PCs with touchscreens.

Some of the tools that were hard to find in the old design tool, such as changing the color of an element in a design or adjusting the brightness of a photo, are now under the more prominent tools tab.

We are rolling out the new design tool on a product-by-product basis. It is scheduled to be on all products except calendars within the next week.

Any project you started or completed on the Flash-based tool will continue to editable on the Flash-based tool. New projects will be on the new tool.

If you have any feedback on the new design builder, all of us at would love to hear it.

P.S. – If you are designing on a tablet, it works best in the horizontal position.

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Summer Parties Add Sweetness to Life

Celebrating with family and friends is one of the best things to look forward to when the weather warms and everyone wants to be outdoors in the summer air.  Here are a few ideas to inspire your next event from wedding to weekend dining al fresco:



1. These Modern Flower trays will serve up cocktails and more while adding bold color to your table decor.

2. Get your Red-White-and-Blue on this 4th of July with Watermelon-Mint Coolers that will refresh guests of all ages.

3. Planning a summer wedding? Trends this year are full of vintage romance and bold succulents.

4. Tin Can Lanterns are an economical and fun way to light your outdoor event.

5. Go Glam with a party theme full of bright colors and patterns


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10 Ways to Supercharge Your Business Cards


Your business card is your most valuable networking tool. You should always be armed with a stack because you never know when the business stars will align. But, not all business cards are created equal. Here are ten ways to ensure you are making the most out of the exchange:

1. Include a tagline. 

Speak directly to your target audience. Explain who you are and how you can help. Why are you different or better than the competition? Try to sum this up in a sentence and place this on your card.

2. Be Social. 

Include all of your social media links: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. This will help keep the conversation going once the potential client gets back to the office. If appropriate, follow-up and connect via these networking sites or through your own website.

3. Using a QR code.

If you have a website, using a QR code on your card means a potential client can scan the code and go directly to your site. The codes can be scanned in using a smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop equipped with a camera and a QR code reader.  It takes care of the transfer of your contact information as easy as a click.  If you missed our post on QR codes, you can check it out here.

4. Get Branded. 

If you have other communication materials, be sure to carry colors and graphic elements over to your business card design. This will create a consistent brand message and customers will start to get a better feel for who you are and what you do.

5. Include an offer.

You may want to include a discount on a first appointment, free estimate, or other offer to draw a first time client in and give them a reason to try you or your service over the competition.

6. Keep it simple.

It’s easy to get carried away with graphics and information, so be sure to leave enough white space so your information is easy to read. Stick to one or two fonts and take advantage of two-sided printing to help organize all of your information.

7. Proof!  

Be sure to double-check your work before ordering your cards. A wrong phone number or spelling error could ruin the whole exchange.

8. Include a Card with Orders & Correspondence. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to get your cards in the hands of customers and clients. It will serve as a reminder for them and they may even pass it on to another potential customer.

9. Arm Yourself.  

Don’t leave the house without a stack of cards, but keep them in a safe carrier. A bent card gives a bad impression.

10. Be Creative! 

Add a personal touch to your cards (as long as it follows your brand). This is your chance to make an impression. You can do this through design  & taglines. This is where Ink Garden can help. Start off with one of our designs and make it completely unique using our tools & art.

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